Thank you for your interest in a role which I think is probably one of the most exciting, rewarding and stretching in the charity world.


GR pic.jpgWhile I would be the first to acknowledge that there are many successful and hardworking animal welfare organisations, there are simply none to rival the scale, focus and impact we have achieved at Dogs Trust.

I and my fellow Council members are privileged to be able to work with such creative, passionate and talented colleagues.

The recruitment of our Chief Executive is a poignant task for us. The sudden loss of Adrian Burder, who was our Chief Executive from 2014 to his untimely death at the end of October, was a bitter blow to us all. Adrian’s 24 years with us exemplified a strong thread of leadership continuity, deep knowledge and love of Dogs Trust, and he gave unstintingly of himself in its service. However, we also know that his response in the situation in which we tragically find ourselves would have been, “Let’s get on with it.” So we are.

We want to begin conversations with candidates who can bring comparable leadership and communication skills and a fresh strategic approach to a charity with exceptional strengths in influencing, reputation and supporter confidence. Our steady expansion, marshalled ably by successive leadership teams over more than four decades, has provided unusual resilience; which in turn has allowed us to invest for the long term. This must continue.

At the heart of everything we do are dogs, and most especially those without a forever home. It’s essential that you share our passion for ensuring that every dog has a happy life. Of course, we can only achieve this through people – our staff, our volunteers and the dog-loving public. If you share our determination to create the best possible world for dogs – and you have an exceptional track record of high-level leadership in a complex, outcome-focused organisation – this is the point at which you make your choice.

I hope you choose Dogs Trust.

Yours faithfully,

Graeme Robertson

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